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After School Sports Program

Athletic Director: Miguel Braga


  1. To offer extra-curricular physical activities to our students.

  2. To promote good sportsmanship through participation in games, practices and activities.

  3. To help develop and enhance motor and social skills.

  4. To help students develop discipline in body posture and body movements.

Location: St. Lawrence Campus; Games may be scheduled in others places at times.

Hours: From Monday to Thursday - 3:15 to 4:30 pm

Activities Schedule

  • Volleyball Fall Season (September-October)

  • Basketball Season (October-December)  

  • Soccer Season (January-February)

  • Cross Country (October until February every Tuesday from 3:30-4:00 / grades 5-8)

  • Cheerleader (March-April)

St. Lawrence School is part of the All Catholic Conference (ACC). If the student wants to participate in any sport, he/she needs to comply with the following requirements:

  1. The student must bring the registration and the payment for the sport before the season starts. The school may disallow participation in, or access to, school activities if any financial obligations are not met. (Pg. 47 Parent-Student Handbook.)

  2. Students must conclude the "Concussion in Sports" curse  - (FREE) and send the certificate to Coach Braga ( (it be valid for the whole year and for any after school sport program)

  3. Submit the completed  Physical Form s before the season starts. (it be valid for the whole year and for any after school sport program)

  4. Complete the Consent to Play Form and bring it to coach Braga (it be valid for the whole year and for any after school sport program)

  5. Complete the Code of Conduct  Form and bring it to coach Braga (it be valid for the whole year and for any after school sport program)

  6. The student must keep their grades above 70 to play. He/She will not be able to participate in the activities (practice and/or games) until he/she recuperates the grades to a passing level.Students must maintain appropriate behavior to be eligible to play.

  7. Inappropriate behavior will be evaluated for determination as to probation, or ineligibility to play, for the remainder of the season.

  8. Parent/Guardian (any adult that will accompany the student to the games) must attend the “Parent Like a Champion Today” workshop. (Dates for the workshop will be provide as soon we know). 

Important Information 

  • Participation in a team sport requires family and student commitment. All students registered in the program agree to abide with the responsibilities of team participation:meeting archdiocesan and school regulations, working cooperatively with teammates and the coach, and following the schedule for practices and games. The team schedules will be presented as soon as possible to allow parents sufficient time to make schedule arrangements. Failure to follow the schedule without any documented justification may cause the student's exclusion from the program.

  • Parents or guardians are responsible for the transportation of their own child to and from the game’s location.If a parent is not personally driving,   he / she MUST make arrangements with someone else PRIOR TO GAME DAY. Transportation is the responsibility of each individual family, and the school will not make arrangements, nor take responsibility for any family's personal arrangements. The parent/chaperone/guardian MUST REMAIN AT THE GAME LOCATION THROUGHOUT THE GAME. Phone calls from the office may not be made for this purpose. 


Students are responsible for:

  1. The uniform - The student can only play in an official game if wearing the complete uniform.(Uniform Agreement)
                             Players must wear appropriate protective gear (i.e., knee-pads/shin guards) to practice/game.

  2. The equipment

  3. Academic eligibility - The player needs to keep passing grades to remain eligible to play and practice. Probation will be                                           implemented, if necessary.

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