• Robotics ClubRobotics

    Coordinator:  Mr. Souza

    Date/Time: 4th Monday of each month from 3:15 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. (If students are not picked up by 4:00 PM
    they will be escorted to After Care and charged accordingly)

    Eligible grades: 5 – 8

    Location: St. Lawrence School Campus (Room 5)

    Fee: $25 for the duration of the school year. (The school may disallow participation in or access to school
    activities if any financial obligations are not met. Pg. 47 Parent-Student Handbook.

    The students will be working on building, programming, and testing robots using the Lego Mindstorms System.
    The students will work on becoming active problem solvers and learn the value of collaborating with their fellow students.

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