• Environmental Club Environmental

    Coordinator: Mr Souza

    Location: St. Lawrence School Campus

    Eligible grades: 5 - 8

    Date/Time: Days will be announced on the calendar / 3:15-4:00. Any students who are not
    picked up by 4:00 will be escorted to after school care. 

    Fee: There is no fee for environmental club, however, please note that the school may
    disallow participation in or access to school activities if any financial obligations are not met
    (per the Parent/Student Handbook).

    The students will work on running the school’s recycling program.  Another major activity
    of Environmental Club is focused on keeping the Lighthouse Path clean and maintained. 
    The students will learn the importance of stewardship of our environment, and will work
    together to achieve these goals as a school.  Students need to bring a change of clothes
    which can get dirty on cleanup days.