• Faculty and Staff

    Saint Lawrence School employs or contracts teachers who hold baccalaureate or higher degrees, have at least 3 years of teaching experience in public or private schools, or have special skills, knowledge, or expertise that qualifies them to provide instruction in subjects taught.

    PRINCIPAL: Mrs. Dian Lopez Hyatt (M.S., Florida International University)

    ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL: Dr. Stephanie Paguaga (Ed.D., Nova Southeastern University)


    • Kindergarten: Ms. Marian Hunker ( B.A., University of Miami)
    • Grade One: Ms. Lisa Genuardi (M.S., Barry University)
    • Grade Two: Ms. Alejandra Menendez (B.S., Florida International University)
    • Grade Three: Mr. John Burrillo (B.S., Florida International University)
    • Grade Four: Ms. Florence Legoute (B.S., Nova Southeastern University)
    • Grade Five:  Ms. Mariana Padilla (B.A., Florida International University)
    • Grade Six: Mr. Christopher Souza (B.A., University of Florida)
    • Grade Seven: Dr. Tricia Miller (Ed. D., Nova Southeastern University)
    • Grade Eight: Ms. Anne Davis (B.S., Florida International University)


    Spanish / Art :  Ms. G. Adrienne Cristancho (B.S., Universidad Externado de Colombia, Bogota)

    Physical Education:  Mr. Miguel Braga (B.S., State University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

    Auxiliary Primary Aide / Reading Pull-out:  Mercedes Moreno

    SCHOOL OFFICE MANAGER: Ms. Lianet Perez (B.A., Florida International University)

    SCHOOL COUNSELOR:(Part-Time): Ms. Clara Dugrot - Harris (M.S.W., Barry University)