• Belief Statements

    We believe each student is unique and special in the eyes of God.

    We believe Catholic education presents the Good News of the Gospel and authentic Catholic doctrine in an atmosphere of faithfulness, providing opportunities to apply faith in personal life experiences and through service to others.

    We believe strong Catholic morals and values are instilled with the cooperation of parents, the parish, and the school community so that students can successfully cope with social and cultural situations they encounter.

    We believe that real life learning is a priority in this school, and that the curriculum presented prepares each student for a healthy and well-rounded lifestyle, developing creative thinking and problem solving skills as well as an appreciation for the arts, utilizing a variety of teaching techniques that appeal to all modalities of learning.

    We believe a Catholic education reflects the integration of Catholic values with academic success, striving to meet the individual, as well as the collective, needs of students within a safe and comfortable learning environment.