• School Philosophy

    St. Lawrence, a Catholic Elementary School, grades Kindergarten through Eight, is an integral aspect of Christian formation in St. Lawrence Parish. The proclamation of the Good News of the Gospel, the teaching of Catholic Doctrine and the translation of the Good News and doctrine into action, prepare our students to take their rightful place in Christian society. We advocate service to community, encourage good citizenship, and emphasize the critical importance of peacemaking.

    The philosophy of St. Lawrence School is founded on a firm commitment to promote the spiritual, intellectual and creative development of students, based on a recognition of their developmental stages and their individual needs. St. Lawrence strives to provide a spiritual and academic environment that encourages each student to further his or her capabilities, energies, interests, and potentials.

    Because of the diversity of the students' backgrounds, St. Lawrence endeavors to teach knowledge, understanding, appreciation, and respect of a variety of cultures; the importance of peace and justice towards all people; respect for the rights of the individual, awareness of the nature of the ever-changing world, and membership in a global community. We believe that cultural and ethnic diversities should be reflected and celebrated in daily life as well as through spirit- filled liturgies from which we will go forth healed, affirmed, and refreshed to meet the challenges and needs of the good earth and of all God's children.

    St. Lawrence fosters a strong bond of unity among the staff, parents, and students by mutual sharing and involvement in the affairs of the school community. A warm, friendly, loving, and caring family spirit permeates St. Lawrence; a unified community of services deeply committed to Christ.