• Parent Teacher Organization

    The next PTO Executive Committee meeting will be Thursday, Feb. 6 at 7:45 am in the Library

    Many thanks to all who have agreed to become the leaders of our Executive Committee!
    President:  Maria Sampallo
    Vice President: Maria Otiniano
    Secretary:  Sharon Sanchez

    Welcome to the New & Returning Members of the Executive Committee for 2019-2020:
    Victoria Aguirre, Pascale Albert, Emma Carhuapoma, Dennis Coral, Grisel Crespo, Sytira Edman, Josefina Garcia, Josie-Ann Garcia, Andy Giordani, Dian Hyatt, Claire Jean-Gilles, Lynn Labrousse Walker, Edmanise Laguerre, Gabrielle Giordani, Stephanie Paguaga, Maribel Quiej, Diego Rojas, Sandra Rodriguez, Kristin Sheets, Temis Vilorio

    We hope to have at least 2 representatives from each grade level on the PTO Executive Committee
    Come join in the fun!

    This event raised $1,554

    This event raised $1,376


    Christmas Chill Out $560

    Pictures with Santa $365

    Christmas Show Pew Raffle $40

    The 2nd Grade is coordinating our annual Parish Food Pantry Canned Goods Drive this month


    Family Fun Day2020 IS COMING…and so are YOUR RAFFLE BOOKS!!

    Please sell YOUR BOOKS and MORE to support our Parish and School!

     Family Fun Day Sponsors 2020

     Nellie Asseo

    Burt’s Jewelers, North Miami Beach

    ChimyChurry Grill

    Maria Conturbi

    Cusano’s Baking Company

    DJ Max

    Eva Ballesteros

    In Memory of Karen Witzken

    In Memory of Our Parents - Hyatt Family

    Jalfiq Accounting Corporation

    Knights of Columbus – Marian Council

    Lavergne Family

    Little Caesars

    Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Miller

    Numerous Parents of St. Lawrence School

    Roaster N Toasters, North Miami Beach

    Mr. & Mrs. John Henry Sanchez

    Temple Sinai

    Tropical Trailer


    Volunteers must meet the Archdiocesan requirements to participate and earn Service Hours.  Contact the school office for information.  VIRTUS TRAININGS are available at various locations throughout the school year. Watch for notices about these important classes so that you can become eligible to earn YOUR Service Hours.


    Mission Statement of St. Lawrence School

    The mission of Saint Lawrence Catholic School is to provide a well-rounded education to students, grades kindergarten through eight, in a caring environment, where Catholic faith and learning grow hand in hand.

    St. Lawrence School Philosophy

    St. Lawrence, a Catholic Elementary School, grades Kindergarten through Eight, is an integral aspect of Christian formation in St. Lawrence Parish.  The teaching of Catholic Doctrine, and the translation of the Good News of the Gospel into action prepares our students to take their rightful place in global society.  We advocate Christian service to the community, encourage model citizenship and responsibility, and emphasize the importance of peacemaking.

    The philosophy of St. Lawrence School is founded on a firm commitment to promote the spiritual, intellectual, and creative development of students, based on recognition of their developmental stages and their individual needs.  St. Lawrence strives to provide a spiritual and academic environment that encourages each student to further his or her capabilities, energies, interests, and potentials.

    Because of the diversity of the students’ backgrounds, St. Lawrence School endeavors to teach knowledge, understanding, appreciation, and respect of all cultures; the importance of peace and justice toward all people; respect for the rights of the individual; awareness of the nature of the ever-changing world; and responsible membership in the global community. 

    We believe that cultural and ethnic diversities should be reflected and celebrated in daily life as well as through faith-filled liturgies from which we go forth strengthened to meet the challenges and needs of the good earth and of all God’s children.  The school is very proud of earning and maintaining its "No Place for Hate" status and emphasizes the importance of living this philosophy every day.

    St. Lawrence School fosters a strong bond of unity among the parish community, staff, parents, and students through mutual sharing and active involvement in the affairs of the school community.  A warm, friendly, loving, and caring family spirit permeates St. Lawrence,  a unified community of services deeply committed to Christ.


    All school parents are members of the PTO.  As such, they are expected to uphold the mission and philosophy of St. Lawrence School, to attend the general meetings scheduled throughout the school year, and to support the efforts of the school and parish community.  Meeting school service hours and supporting the Catholic identity and Christian values of our school is an integral part of building community in our parish.  Parents and interested stakeholders are welcomed into the Executive Committee of the PTO.  The Executive Committee is the group primarily responsible for organizing the events and fundraisers scheduled throughout the year.   The PTO supports the pastor, administration, and faculty of St. Lawrence School in developing our children to their highest potential, academically and spiritually.  We work as a school family to grow, "faith and learning, hand in hand." 

    Goals and Objectives

    The Parent Teacher Organization contributes to the overall effort to continually improve our school through promoting, organizing, and running fundraising and social activities. PTO members who have met Archdiocesan clearance requirements may assist teachers and staff in appropriate school activities (class room volunteers, lunch assistance, library assistance, art class/club, reading buddies, sports coaches, etc.) These goals are met by:

    1. Supporting the school's educational mission and objectives.
    2. Assisting the administration and faculty of the school in planning, organizing, and fund-raising events to supplement the tuition and fees collected to operate the school.
    3. Providing a minimum of 25 service hours to the school as a volunteer.
    4. Planning, organizing, and executing social events for the parents and students of the school.

    Thank you for your support of our school’s Parent Teacher Organization!

    School Theme for 2019-20: Love One Another


    Please come to the school office to pick up a volunteer packet for completion. Fingerprint clearance, Virtus training, the Volunteer Pledge to Promote Safe Environment, and verification of on-line updates are required. Next VIRTUS training sessions may be found on www.virtusonline.org. Once you have completed the workshop, be sure to print out your certificate and bring it to the office.

    To register for fingerprinting, www.fieldprintflorida.com