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     Miss Genuardi

    Sept. 23 Jan. 13
    Oct. 7 Jan. 27
    Oct. 21 Feb. 10
    Nov. 4 Feb. 24
    Nov. 18 Mar. 9
    Dec. 2 Mar. 30
    Dec. 16 Apr. 6


    Eligible grades: 1 - 5

    Location: St. Lawrence School Campus (Room 1)

    Fee: $70.00 (The school may disallow participation in or access to school activities if any financial obligations are not met. Pg. 47 Parent-Student Handbook.)

    The purpose of the Arts & Crafts Club is to enhance student’s creative
    abilities using various types of medium and for students to show an
    appreciation for art in various forms beyond the art learned in the regular classroom.


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