Academic Year 2022-2023







Non-Refundable Registration Fee Per Child For School Year 2022-2023: $425.00 per child



Tuition Per Child For School Year 2022-2023

Tuition rate includes fees for testing, books, school maintenance and renovation, instructional materials,

insurance, eBooks for iPads, and tuition management systems.

Grades K-5: $7,665.00 per child

Grade 6 & 7: $7,770.00 per child

Grade 8: $7955.00 per child
(Graduation fee is included for 8th Graders)


Active parishioners of the St. Lawrence Church who participate in the faith life of the parish by giving fully of their time,
talent and treasure and by regularly attending Sunday Mass and Holy Days of Obligation
may be eligible for flexible discretionary financial assistance.

Flexible financial assistance may be available for families at the pastor’s discretion with

completion of a fully verified FACTS Grant & Aid application.

SAINT LAWRENCE SCHOOL accepts the Step Up for Students Scholarship Program, FES (Family Empowerment Scholarship),
Gardener Scholarship, and AAA (Academic Achievement Accessible) Scholarship.

SAINT LAWRENCE SCHOOL does not accept the McKay Scholarship.