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Saint Lawrence School offer many extra curricular activities during the year.

Just choose one and enjoy.

Acolyte Club

This club gives students the opportunity to serve as an acolyte for school masses as well as weekly mass. 
An acolyte is someone who assists the priest in the performance of liturgical rites. This club is for
students  in grades three and up who have received their First Holy Communion. The benefits of
this club are the following:

Students will be on the altar as an active part of School Masses and will participate during Sunday
masses and occasional school masses throughout the school year.


The objective of After School Sport Program is offer extra-curricular physical activities to the students, promote good sportsmanship through participation in sports activities,  help developing motor and social skills

To help the students develop discipline for body posture and body movements. 

Soccer 18-19.jpg

Arts & Crafts Club

The purpose of the Arts & Crafts Club is to enhance student’s creative
abilities using various types of medium and for students to show an
appreciation for art in various forms beyond the art learned in the regular classroom.


Board Game Club

Board Game/Chess Club will teach critical thinking, various academic skills, and following direction.

Helping Hands Club

The purpose of this club is to perform works of charity to various groups with needs in our community.
These experiences will provide opportunities for your child to fully experience Christianity in action.
Further, parental involvement is required for transportation to these facilities since they take place during
non-school hours.


Science Club

The Science Club will meet once a month to perform experiments and/or activities in the different areas of science.

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