Update to Staff School Accounts (Please read)

Starting from 7/17/2021, Saint Lawrence Catholic School members will begin using Single Sign On (SSO) for authentication to most (if not all) services. This includes emails (Gmail), Office Apps (Office365), and your Computer (Work). The credential to use will be the same credentials a user used to log on to their computers with the following changes:

  • Your username is now your Google Email. This means that next time you're prompted to enter your username and password on your computer, you must use your Gmail Email address as your User and Laptop/Desktop Computer Password as your Password. This applies to your Computer, Email, Microsoft Apps, WiFi (Coming soon), and others which will be introduced as their made available.

  • When you try to sign into Google, upon entering your email address you will be redirected to a Microsoft Login Page. Please enter you email and computer password as your credentials. Since this will be your first time, you will be asked to accept some terms, please do so and continue.

From now on, when we refer to your Enterprise Account, we will be referring to the credentials above. Management of this account is central, and a password change will reflect across all linked services. Currently these services are:

  • Your work computer.

  • Microsoft Office.

  • G Suite.

  • Zoom.

  • Teams.

  • EduCreations.

  • ShowBiz.

  • And any other service that supports Signing In with Google/Microsoft.

We hope you enjoy this change as much as we enjoy delivering it to you.

For any questions or concerns please contact helpdesk@geeksblock.com

Kind regards


IT Department.

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